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The Oudlajan project is a voluntary documentation project based on shared effort of students, academics and enthusiasts from various backgrounds. Initiated in 2011, the project aims to collect and publish documents of both extant and demolished constructions in the historical urban fabric of Oudlajan district in center of Tehran. This aim is mainly compelled by rapid changes and irreparable destructions of the historical fabric, which makes detailed documentation necessary to be made. This project is solely for academic purpose. 

Documents presented in this site are the result of collaborative endeavor of following groups:

Volunteer BSc students of Iran University of Science and Technology who have provided plans and photos of various buildings from 2011 onward, during many visits to the Oudlajan district and several sessions of field study. 

Committee for Conservation of Historical Houses in Tehran (THHC), which has provided the project with a large number of archived files, gathered by THHC members during recent five years. In our archive, these files are specified by THHC logo underneath the documents. We owe many thanks to Mr Sajjad Askri, administrator of the committee whom without his kind helps and exemplary dedication, we couldn’t succeed throughout our way.

Students of Islamic Azad University, Tafresh Branch, who have been contributing their valuable efforts to the archive by providing documentation of several houses in Oudlajan from the fall term of the academic year of 2015-2016 onward, under the supervision of Dr. Susan Habib, faculty member of Islamic Azad University, Tafresh Branch, whom we also would like to thank because of her supports, guides and noble ideas which helped us very much indeed in developing our concepts.

Volunteer BSc students of University of Arts, Tehran, who have provided photos and schematic plans for several buildings during three field study sessions in during the years 2015.and 2016.

Diargah Shahr Consultants, which has generously shared to the archive its own documentations of Oudlajan houses. These documents have been provided in January and February 2016.

Art University of Tehran has started its collaboration with the project from winter semester of 2016, by the kind supports of Dr. Mohammad Reza Rahim Zadeh, director of Architecture department. Documents shared with our archive are provided under the supervision of Dr. Ali Zamanifard and Dr. Sahar Ghaderi. The works are carried out by the undergraduate students in ‘Architectural Survey in Historical Buildings’ and ‘Historic Conservation’ Courses. These documents are prepared employing precise methods of surveying, such as triangulations, and compared to other document presented in the archive offer a higher level of details, both in architectural drawings and photography.

Photogrammetry and Virtual Restitution of Urban Fabric Project, started in September 2016 by the efforts of Iman Barat-Vakili, as the manager and coordinator of filed studies, and carried out under the supervision of Dr. Sahar Ghaderi, this project aims to document historical frontages and provide drawings of urban fabric as a platform upon which other layers of materials mentioned before, will be organized. The documents will be provide employing primarily photogrammetry methods and Photomodeler software.


We deeply thanks following people, who, by sharing their personal collections enriched our archive:

- Dr. Khosro Pakdaman (click here) Provided to the project by Dr. Khosro Pakdaman, former Deputy Minister of Housing, the collection contains an invaluable set of images from the urban fabric of Oudlajan - i. e. squares, alleys, dead ends, etc. - shot in early 1960s. The locations, which are at the time unknown for many of the photos, will be determined gradually as more supporting materials gathers by other donations and contribution.

- Mohadeseh Mirdrekvandi (click here)

Cultural Heritage of Iran (coming soon) This collection contains materials and documents of Oudlajan in the archive of Cultural Heritage of Iran. The collection has been provided to the archive by the exclusive permission of Seyed Mohammad Beheshti, to whome we would admit our thanks for his kind helps and supports.

Please refer to participants page for a complete list of people who are taking part in this program. For visiting the Committee for Conservation of Historical Houses in Tehran (THHC) website click here. Also you can find more about people who supported us in the acknowledgment page. Furthermore there are some houses presented by Bavand consultants not being directly loaded in archive due to copy right issues, however they are referred to by their registry file codes. (see index)